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Catering Units

We have a range of catering units to make any event a huge success

Leisure Events UK can provide high quality catering units fully staffed serving a range of hot freshly cooked food, sweet treats,  ice creams and hot and cold drinks for any event from a Christmas Market to a summer fayre.

Swing Grill

Our ‘Swing Grill’, which is a huge 1.5m circular suspended BBQ makes a bold statement at any event. It looks great in the day and at night with all its lights, it looks amazing. From this unit, we serve some of the best freshly cooked barbecued burgers and sausages you will ever taste.  We also have treats such as gourmet burgers, and gourmet sausage selection, including BBQ, chilli, traditional, Cumberland, Bratwurst and Bockwurst.

Specialist Vans

We have two traditional vans, one currently serving hot and tasty roast carvery meat including beef, pork, turkey, minted lamb and gammon.

The other serves aromatic and warming mulled wine.

Below are just a few images of our catering units at recent events.

Our catering units are seasonally decorated depending on the event, e.g. Christmas or a summer event.

If your town, shopping centre or shopping village is interested in a themed event and is looking for high quality professionally managed catering units, please feel to get in touch for an initial chat to see how we can help any event be a success and bring in more visitors. 

Call us on 0789 9797073. 

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